What we offer

Being one of the most reputed and experienced cleaning companies in Melbourne, A-One Cheap Cleaning Services is always ready with their wide array of solutions for the clients. We understand that clients may need us for different types of cleaning-related task. It can be generally categorized on the basis of the nature of the property. Thus, we offer specific cleaning solutions that you may need for your home, office, warehouse or any other places.


We offer all types of cleaning including industrial, Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services to the clients in Melbourne according to their needs. It can be individual or business – we are using for all.

Upholstery Cleaning

When it comes to clean the furniture, upholsteries make the maximum issues. Hence, you need a professional team for Upholstery Cleaning Service near me. We would be glad to help you in this matter.

Carpet Cleaning

The expert cleaners of our team are able to clean your carpet in the safest and most efficient manner. We use products that are mild on carpets and strong on the stains. This is an important part of our Professional Residential Cleaning.

Tiles And Grouts Cleaning

Are you looking for the best Tiles and Grouts Cleaning Service in Melbourne? No matter whether it is your commercial or residential property; we are ready to make it sparkling clean.

Window Cleaning

Our team offers both Exterior and Interior Window Cleaning for your home or office. Our experts perform this task with excellence so that your windows not only look clean but they actually become clean after we finish our job.

High-Pressure Washing

High-Pressure Washing Service is one of the toughest parts of professional cleaning but our team is ready to fulfil this job with ease. They have knowledge and skill of offering cleaning with high-pressure technique.

Builders Cleaning

If you are looking for a professional and experienced team to perform the task of Builders clean then we are here at your service. Hire us for Builders and Post Renovation Cleaning after the construction job is done and before you wish to get that sparkling clean effect on the property.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Do you have solar panels on the top of your building? Do you wish to hire someone to clean them? The skilled cleaners of A-One Cheap Cleaning Services are ready to provide you with the most affordable Solar Panel Cleaning Services.

Blinds Cleaning

Whether it is your house or office, if you need someone to clean the blinds, then the experienced cleaners of A-One Cheap Cleaning Services is here to help you. We offer affordable Commercial Blinds Cleaning for all.

Bond Cleaning

You have to clean your office or residential properties at the end of your bond with the landlord or the agent as per the lease agreement. Our Commercial and Residential Bond Cleaning is the best option for you in such situation.

Curtains Cleaning

Not only windows or blinds but also you can hire us for Carpet and Curtain Cleaning Service. We use the most advanced techniques to use curtains of the commercial places like hotels, gyms, hospitals or others.

Roof Gutter Cleaning

We provide Roof Gutter Cleaning Service for commercial and residential buildings in Melbourne. The task is not an easy one since the cleaners have to climb the building to clean the gutter. But our experts are good at this task.

Residential And Commercial Cleaning

A-One Cheap Cleaning Services provides all types of residential and commercial cleaning as per the budget and the requirements of the clients. Since we have adequate knowledge about this field hence we can perform our task flawlessly.

Industrial Cleaning

Our company is known for offering Professional Industrial Cleaning Services in Melbourne. No matter how big or small the area is we can make it clean and tidy as per your demand.